Traditional Media

Ridgway’s Hawks
Acrylic on canvas

Cosmic Heron, Acrylic on Canvas

Ridgway’s Hawk
Acrylic on wood

Prisma Color Markers on Toned Paper

Eliza, Markers and Ink

Easter Bunny
Graphite on Bristol Board

Prickly Pear Sunset
Watercolor, Micron anad White Ink

Acrylic on Canvas

Tumbling Otters
Acrylic on Canvas

Skytown Petroglyphs
Acrylic on Canvas

Tawny Owl, Acrylic on Stone

Great Horned Owl, Acrylic on Canvas

Short-Eared Owl, Acrylic on Canvas

Nott the Brave, Markers and Ink


Traditional Media are projects I have done outside of digital art and the computer. Most of my work is graphite and marker related on paper or Bristol Board. The work is scanned in and touched up on the computer to best resemble the work in its original form.